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Young Europeans’ Forum: Building Bridges for Social Cohesion

Young Europeans’ Forum – Building Bridges for Social Cohesion (BERLINO, 25-27 giugno 2019)

L’EYCE, “Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe”, è una rete di giovani Cristiane e Cristiani che promuovono l’unità del Cristianesimo in tutta Europa. Dal 25 al 27 giugno, a Berlino, l’EYCE propone lo “Young Europeans’ Forum”, che darà l’occasione a 100 giovani di incontrare esponenti del mondo della politica per iniziare un dialogo su come dar forma ad una convivenza pacifica, rispettosa e solidale tra persone con diverse culture, credi religiosi e non, valori e stili di vita e su come creare coesione sociale nella diversità.

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This is an interesting initiative held by the Aladdin Project and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, in cooperation with UNESCO, which will take place in Berlin, Germany from the 25th to the 27th of June: the Young Europeans’s Forum.

The Young Europeans’ Forum will bring together 100 young engaged Europeans with policymakers, activists and experts. Through this it will seek to set the framework for a broad and continuing dialogue and exchange on how to shape a peaceful, respectful, solidary living together between people with different cultures, beliefs, values and lifestyles, and how to create strong social cohesion in diversity.

All participants are committed to social cohesion, peaceful living together in diversity, human rights and democratic values. They are influencers and multipliers, who can make a difference within their societies by shaping a more cohesive future.

According to the motto “learn – connect – transfer” the forum will provide a platform where they will share ideas, experiences and good practice, extend their knowledge, learn from and with each other, build a network, work together on solutions and take impulses for their own work and commitment.

The Forum addresses the following key questions:

  • Which values form a common framework for a peaceful, respectful, solidary living together in open, diverse, rapidly changing societies? Which competencies are needed for dealing with future challenges?
  • What can we do to foster social cohesion in diversity?
  • How can we empower young adults to become leaders who promote social cohesion?
  • How can civic engagement shape social cohesion in pluralistic societies?

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